Individual directors determine preparation criteria for the auditions of each production. Sometimes there are cold readings and sometimes a director will request auditioners to come prepared to do short monologues.

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General tips for auditions at City Theatre

  • When you attend an audition, be prepared to fill out an application.
  • The rehearsal process is 6-8 weeks long and it is important for you to understand the time commitment.
    • Directors will provide a basic rehearsal schedule.
    • You will be expected to provide scheduling conflicts on your application, so bring your calendar with you.
  • Some directors may ask that you also bring a resume and head shot.
  • Most musical auditions will require you to sing a specified number of measures from a Broadway musical.
    • Avoid choosing songs from the musical we are producing.
    • You will be required to bring your own sheet music.
    • An accompanist will be provided.
    • Musical productions also usually include a dance component in the audition process.
  • Even without a dance component at an audition, for both plays and musicals, it’s important to dress appropriately.
    • Wear comfortable shoes, but avoid dressing too casually.

Dress to impress! Avoid flip flops and open toe shoes. You are welcome to change clothes if you prefer to do so for the dance portion of an audition.