Become a Member



A member is a volunteer, and can be anyone that is interested in working with a good group of other volunteers that are interested in bettering their Community Theatre. To be a member, you have to attend meetings, be a part of the decision making process, and participate in at least one fundraising activity throughout the year.

Here is a list of some of the positions we have available:

  1. Backstage Crew: Moving set, helping actors with their costume changes, helping actors or other crew members with props.
  2. Technicians: Technicians get to design and run sound or lights. Assistants get to help set lights or run a spot light if needed.
  3. Stage Managers
  4. Directors
  5. Assistant Directors
  6. Costumers: Help collect/design or create costumes for a show.
  7. Properties People: Help collect props needed for a show.
  8. We need leaders that are willing to work on a team that is striving to present the Performing Arts to a very welcoming community.   We would also like to encourage you to come and attend one of our meetings so that you may see firsthand if this is the type of organization you would care to participate in.
  9. People that are willing to learn, and be on the different committees that are necessary to make our member-based organization work smoothly.

The Committees we have are:

  1. Season: This committee selects the 5 shows that we have for our season
  2. Marketing: This committee plans and implements the Advertising and Marketing strategies for our season and suggests other opportunities for us to be known in our community.
  3. Box Office: This committee helps sell tickets for every performance, the chairman orders the tickets and monitors the ticket line and Ticketleap.
  4. Playwright Festival: This committee reads the play submissions and selects the 8 plays for the summer festival.
  5. Fundraising: This committee helps the Chair gather ideas and suggestions that will encourage the community to support our theatre.
  6. Hospitality: This committee helps the Chair with the house management of each show and oversees the concessions, raffle drawing, and ushers.
  7. Membership: This committee helps the Chair collect information from various people to keep an updated list of points earned for the current members.


Membership Points

As a member, you will earn different points for the different activities you complete. The points accumulate, and once you have received 200 points, you become a Lifetime Member. To earn points you need to be a paying member, attend at least two meetings, and participate in one fundraiser or one show a year. There are many ways to earn points. Here are a few examples:

  • Director = 30 points
  • Assistant Director = 15 points
  • Stage Manager= 15 points
  • Accompanist= 15 points
  • Costume Designer = 10 points
  • Building Set = 5 points
  • Lead Role in a Show = 15 points
  • Supporting Role = 10 points
  • Special Events Volunteers = 5 points
  • Committee Work = 10 points
  • Playwright Festival Chair = 15 points

This is a partial list of the points you can earn. See the complete list in our Policies and Procedures.


How Much Does Membership Cost?

Membership dues are $20 a year. This entitles you to a $10 discount on the purchase of a season ticket, and all of the activities and awards mentioned above, while offering you the opportunity to give back to your community in a very fun and enjoyable way.

I have 200 points, now what?

You are now a Lifetime Member! The Membership Chair will award you a Lifetime Member Card and Pin at the Awards Banquet in July, and your name will be added to the Lifetime Member list on the website. You do not have to pay your $20 dues anymore, but you will continue to receive a $10 discount on a season ticket purchase. You also have a great sense of accomplishment in knowing that you have completed a goal, and can continue to work with this theatre and encourage others to do the same.