Playwright Festival

The City Theatre of Independence Playwright Festival is an annual fundraising event for the theatre with four primary goals:

  1. To expand the volunteer and membership base;
  2. To provide a creative outlet for playwrights to submit their unpublished, royalty-free short plays;
  3. To produce a chosen number of short plays for an evening of quality entertainment; and
  4. To provide opportunities for everyone in all aspects of theatre.

How the Playwright Festival Works:

The selection committee reads all submitted plays, and chooses eight to produce. Each play is given to a different director, and auditions are held for casting.

Since this is a fundraising event, there is no budget given for the productions. Directors must use existing props and costumes, and sets are minimal.

After each performance, audience members at the Playwright Festival are encouraged to vote for their favorite short play, and awards are given for Best Production and Best Script.

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