Return to the Forbidden Planet

Written By:
Bob Carlton

Directed By:
Larry Morris

Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Return to the Forbidden Planet is a juke box musical is packed with rock ‘n’ roll classics such as Heard it Through the Grapevine, Young Girl, Good Vibrations, and Gloria. Blast off on a routine flight and crash into the planet D’Illyria where a sci fi version of The Tempest set to rock and roll golden oldies unfolds with glee. The planet is inhabited by a sinister scientist, Dr. Prospero; his delightful daughter Miranda; Ariel, a faithful robot; and an uncontrollable monster, the product of Prospero’s Id, whose tentacles penetrate the space craft.

Cast of Characters:

  • Tempest – Ray Ettinger
  • Prospero – Leo Mauler
  • Miranda – Reece Fry
  • Ariel – Melissa Locke
  • Science Officer (Gloria) – Michelle Stelting
  • Navigation Officer– Abbey Briscoe
  • Cookie – Patrick Davis
  • Bosun Arras – Alex Phillips
  • Ensemble
    • Sequoia Godfrey
    • Shannah Godfrey
    • River Godfrey
    • Stephanie Flanagan
    • Katie Wood
    • Mary Morris

March 30, 31 – April 1, 6-9, 2017