The Trip to Bountiful

Written By:
Horton Foote

Directed By:
David Calkins

Photos By:
Norita Taylor

Download The Trip to Bountiful Program (pdf)

The year is 1953. The place is southeastern Texas. Carrie Watts, an elderly widow, is spiritually suffocating in a small apartment with her son Ludie and his wife Jessie Mae. Carrie desperately wants to renew her spirit by visiting Bountiful, the small town of her youth. However, Ludie and Jessie Mae prohibit such plans. One day Carrie is able to sneak out and starts her journey. She proceeds by bus and is challenged by some minor incidents. She finds help and encouragement in Thelma, another bus passenger. Meanwhile, Ludie and Jessie Mae discover her missing and embark on their pursuit of Carrie Watts. When a sheriff tracks her down, he is moved to help her complete her journey. The play is a poignant story with an engaging depiction of family relationships, spiritual thirst, the quest for dignity, and plain old determination. It asks us to ponder who we are and what made us who we are.

Cast of Characters:

  • Mrs. Watts: Nancy Eppert
  • Ludie: Khalid Johnson
  • Jessie Mae: Heather Foose
  • Thelma: Jennifer Bradley
  • Sheriff: John Eppert
  • Roy: Kraig Kensinger
  • Ticket Agent 1:Kenn Marlowe
  • Ticket Agent 2: Alex Philips
  • Bus Station Passengers:
    • Michael Masterson
    • Mary Masterson
    • Melinda Thompson
    • Joyce Stone
    • Sue Witten
    • Jeremy Walter