Written By:
Don Nigro

Directed By:
Emerson Rapp

Photos By:
Jeremy Walter

In a peaceful house near the Welsh border, an entire family has vanished suddenly without a trace one evening with supper on the table and no apparent violence. Inspector Ruffing’s attempt to understand what’s happened to a couple and their two daughters leads him deep into his own dark soul.

Cast of Characters:

  • McGonigle: Michael Daniels
  • Ruffing: Eli Biesemeyer
  • Jenny: Landis Merrill
  • English: Richard J. Burt
  • Ned: Stephen Howard
  • Ann: Lindsay Weaver
  • Mrs. English: Mary Morris
  • Felicity: Megan Carter
  • Constance: Lauren Brown
  • Old Betty: Kristi Hibschman