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Award winning play The Miracle Worker to be staged in Independence

The Miracle Worker, written by William Gibson, tells the impactful story of how Helen Keller learned to communicate. The original teleplay was published in 1956 and was later adapted for stage in 1957. The play was based on Helen Keller’s autobiography titled “The Story of My Life.” The Miracle Worker premiered at the Playhouse Theatre on October 19, 1959.

Since the play’s debut on stage there have been three film adaptations. The 1962 Academy Award winning film starred Anne Bancroft (as Annie Sullivan) and Patty Duke (as Helen Keller). An interesting twist is the televised 1979 Emmy award winning film starring Patty Duke as Annie Sullivan and Melissa Gilbert as Helen Keller. The latest adaptation in the 2000 made for television-film starred Alison Elliot as Annie Sullivan and Hallie Kate Eisenberg as Helen Keller.

Since its publication, this play has been produced by theatre companies all over the country and loved by generations of theatre goers. We are so delighted to be telling this story on our stage. The City Theatre of Independence production of The Miracle Worker features the talents of Lynnae Anderson as Annie Sullivan, and Abigail Kieth as Helen Keller, along with a cast of talented local performers.

The Miracle Worker will run Friday through Sunday the weeks of April 1 and April 8. Tickets at our new low rate are available for purchase here.

We hope this story will inspire you in the way it has inspired us. Watch this moving clip of the 1962 film adaption of
The Miracle Worker.