CTI Policies & Procedures

Proposed February 2021


This document is intended to identify the usual and customary manner in which the Company conducts business. The Bylaws supersedes this document in case of any conflict. Changes and amendments to this document may be proposed and approved during the same Board Meeting.


CTI is a volunteer, non-profit community theatre company which has set its mission to culturally enrich the community through participation in the development, advancement, and maintenance of a resident theatre company in Independence, Missouri.


CTI is committed to providing an environment devoid of discrimination and harassment of any kind for all participants, members, and audience members. CTI is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for all persons and to providing a creative work environment free of discrimination and harassment.


A Standing Committee is a committee specified in the CTI Bylaws. An Ad Hoc committee is called for by the President to perform a specific, time-limited task. Committee chairs are appointed annually by the CTI Board VP’s.

Volunteers are encouraged to express their interest in joining a committee to the Chair of that committee. Committee members will be selected by the committee chair.

Membership on a committee is open to interested volunteers with two exceptions:

  1. The Season Selection Committee must be made up of CTI members.
  2. An ad hoc committee may have membership requirements specified by the President based upon the purpose of that committee.

Committee Chairs will be provided with copies of the Bylaws and the P&P from the governing VP. It is expected that the P&P be reviewed together, and changes discussed.

Minutes will be kept for all committee meetings and presented to the Secretary.


The President shall:

  • Solicit agenda items from Board Members for meetings. If another Officer is scheduled to preside, that Officer follows this procedure.
  • When a situation arises, which requires a non-financial decision prior to the next Board meeting, the President may make a decision, after consulting with the relevant Vice President and Committee Chair and report the action to the Board. This action will be reported at the next Membership meeting
  • When a situation arises, which requires an immediate expenditure or commitment of $300 or less, the President may authorize that expenditure with the approval of the Treasurer, the relevant Vice President and Committee Chair and inform the Board. This can be done no more than three (3) times in one season. Such expenditure or action will be reported at the next Membership meeting.
  • Appoint chairs for the Governance, Finance, Education and Ad Hoc committees
  • Coordinate CTI’s season production schedules with the Sermon Center Supervisor, the Children’s Performing Theatre, and Encore Players.
  • Liaison with Roger T. Sermon Center Staff and/or other theatre.
  • The President is entrusted with the keys to the Dempsey-Parish Theatre Support Center and, with approval of the Sermon Center Supervisor, the keys to the Sermon Center.
  • The President may authorize donations of up to four (4) Season Tickets to any bona fide charitable organization.
  • The President is the official spokesperson for CTI.
  • The President is an ex officio member of each committee.


The VPO is responsible for the oversight and success of activities by the Special Events/Awards, Membership/Volunteers, Box Office and Hospitality Committees.

  • Special Events/Awards Committee
    • Solicit and train Special Events/Awards committee members.
    • Meet with Treasure to assure proper Food Service licensing is in effect.
    • Plan and organize “Dinner Before the Show” for each production, including soliciting a caterer, set up and breakdown. Approved price is $20 per person, prepaid.
    • Plan and organize CTI’s Annual Awards Night, including venue, program, awards and presenters. Determine method of awards selection.
    • Plan and organize CTI’s Annual Selection of Shorts, working with VP of Production to determine date and venue, set up and breakdown.
    • Provide assistance for CTI’s Annual Play Festival, working with VP of Production for information on set up and strike.
    • Participate in and provide volunteers for Powerhouse Theatre Foundation’s Powerpalooza.
    • Participate in and provide volunteers for The Enchanted Forest.
    • Market CTI paraphernalia at each performance.
    • Maintain a comprehensive database of all season and lifetime CTI Members.
    • The Chair or their designee will report on any action, event or activity to the Board via the VPO.
  • Membership Committee Chair
    • Create and implement at least one membership drive.
    • Solicit and train Membership committee members.
    • Maintain membership application forms.
    • Provide representation at each performance to encourage membership in CTI.
    • Sell CTI paraphernalia at each performance.
    • The Chair or their designee will report on any action, event or activity to the Board via the VPO.
    • Create a membership application form for multi-media usage.
    • Maintain a comprehensive database of all Members.
    • The Chair or their designee will report on any action, event or activity to the Board via the VPO.
  • Lifetime Member Designation
    • A Member of CTI will be awarded Lifetime status to individuals above the age of 65 who have faithfully served the theatre on a non-paid basis for over 25 years.
  • Volunteer Committee Chair
    • Solicit and train Volunteer committee members.
    • Create/maintain Membership Forms.
    • Maintain a comprehensive database of all volunteers.
    • Maintain a presence at all CTI Events & productions to encourage membership.
    • The Chair or their designee will report on any action, event or activity to the Board via the VPO.
  • Box Office Chair
    • Solicit and train Box Office committee members.
    • Maintain a comprehensive database of Flex Pass holders.
    • Input ticket data to web-based ticketing program.
    • Manage Box Office at each performance. Reconcile tickets sold & income received.
    • Provide special Events Chair with number of paid Dinner tickets one week prior to event.
    • Maintain iPad/Square for Box Office use.
    • The Chair or their designee will report on any action, event or activity to the Board via the VPO.
  • Ticket and Reservations
    • Ticket prices for each Season will be determined by the Marketing and Finance Committees.
    • A discount will be offered to patrons 60 years or older and students with current school ID.
    • Tickets reserved by telephone or website, but not paid for, will be held until 10 minutes prior to curtain for the performance, after which they may be made available to the public if seating is limited.
    • Tickets may be paid for in advance by mail or on the website. Tickets will be held at the box office.
  • Box Office Committee
    • Responsible for coordination ticket sales for each production, have appropriate messages recorded on the reservation line in a timely manner, and to take reservations off the reservation line.
    • There will be two box office staff at the table on performance nights.
    • The committee members shall be trained in the reservation systems, the seating, and current ticket prices.
    • At the conclusion of each production or event, the chair or their designee, plus another committee member or Board member will count the money and complete a data sheet for submission to the Treasurer per the agreed upon system.
    • The Chair or their designee will report on any action, event or activity to the Board via the VPO.
  • Hospitality Committee Chair
    • Solicit and train committee members.
    • During each performance of every CTI production, the Chair or designee will be on site.
    • Ensure that there is a sufficient number of ushers at each performance based on reservations.
    • Purchase and maintain supplies needed, set up and operate concessions.
    • Turn over to the Treasurer all funds and receipts received from any production or event.
    • The Chair or their designee will report on any action, event or activity to the Board via the VPO.
  • Cancellation of a Scheduled Performance
    • A performance may be cancelled under force majeure circumstances.
    • A decision to cancel is made by joint consultation of the CTI President, CTI Vice President of Production, the production Director, and the production Stage Manager. Every reasonable effort will be made to include all these people in the decision. When time is limited, the decision will be made among any subset of these people.
    • Once it has been determined that a performance is cancelled, it is the Stage Manager’s responsibility to put a plan into effect to contact all cast and crew members. All responsible persons will effect the announcement in all media and other outlets.
    • The Treasurer will contact the rights holder to request a royalty refund within twenty-four hours of cancellation.
    • Tickets for the cancelled performance may be exchanged for: a future performance of the same production, or a future production in the season.
    • Only upon request by the patron, a refund will be made by the Box Office Committee Chair, the VPO and the Treasurer. If a refund is requested, they will receive the pro-rated value of an individual ticket or may apply it toward the cost of a future Season Ticket.
  • Rescheduling a Cancelled Performance
    • Due to advance scheduling of the Powerhouse Theatre and limited flexibility within the schedule, CTI may be unable to reschedule a performance.


The VPP is responsible for the oversight and success of activities involving the Production Manager (PM), Costume Manager, Production Liaison, Season Selection Committee Chair and the Playwright Festival Chair.

  • Shall coordinate with the PM, the Treasurer, and Director of each production to manage all aspects for each show.
  • Will conduct an exit interview after the close of each production on a mutually agreed time and place in coordination with the PM, Production Liaison, Stage Manager.
  • Will prepare and update The Production Handbook using input from the Board.
  • Will set a meeting with all Production Directors.
  • Production Manager (PM)
    • Coordinate production needs with each show’s Director.
    • Consult with Sermon Center staff as needed.
    • Participate in the post-production evaluation.
    • Ensure the qualification of and oversee all technicians.
    • Supervise and coordinate each strike.
    • Oversee storage and security of CTI properties.
    • In coordination with the Costume Manager and any other Warehouse Person, establish a written process for the loan or rental of Company property.
    • Conduct an annual inventory of consumables and bring stock up to the appropriate level in a timely, cost-conscious manner through a budget set with the VPP.
    • Be entrusted with the keys to the Dempsey-Parish Theatre Support Center and, with approval of the Sermon Center Supervisor, the keys to the Sermon Center.
  • Production Liaison
    • Assigned by the VPP for each production.
    • Coordinate with PM or their designee to see that each production complies with contractual obligations, and CTI and Sermon Center rules.
    • Be available to production’s Director for questions and problem solving.
    • Work with the Director or her/his designee to ensure all waivers are signed, collected and given to the Secretary or their designee.
  • Actors and crew
    • A Director who is new to CTI will be assigned either a Production Assistant or a Stage Manager from the Company.
    • Actors are expected to supply their own makeup and hair treatment, except for special effects.
    • All Production members will be required to sign a Release of Liability and submit to a background check if there is any person under the of seventeen (17) associated with the Production.
  • Parking policy
    • All cast and crew are asked to park in the lower, northeast parking lot in front of the main entrance to the Sermon Center or the upper, southeast lot adjacent to the Public Works garage on the hill above the Sermon Center. Cast or crew members needing accommodations with the appropriate license or hang tag are not held to this restriction.
    • Given security concerns, City Theatre encourages cast and crew to be mindful of the safety of each other and to remember “safety in numbers” when in the parking lots, especially after a performance. Leaving the building in groups of, at least two (2) or more under the watchful eye of another cast or crew member is the way to go.
  • Season Selection Committee Chair
    • Establishes a schedule of meetings, keeps attendance and minutes of each meeting. The slate of shows for the season will be proposed at the annual membership meeting.
    • The Chair of this committee will keep a database reflecting quotes for scripts, postage and royalties for shows being considered by the committee. Royalty estimates should be based upon a maximum of 200, with expected seating of 90 and eight scripts above those needed for the cast.
    • The Committee Chair will determine the meeting schedule for the purpose of selecting the shows for the upcoming season, the format for conducting the process and adhering to the directions provided from the Board.
    • The Chair and Executive Board solicits director applications and organizes the schedule for the director interviews and will award the productions.
  • Costume Manager– (Duties to be added)
  • Playwright Festival Chair– (Duties to be added)


The VPD is responsible for the oversight and success of activities involving the Fundraising and Marketing Committees.

The VPD explores partnering relationships and opportunities in the community.

  • Fundraising Committee Chair
    • Solicit, encourage and develop donations and contributions, to meet CTI purposes, goals and priorities.
    • Explore partnering relationships and opportunities in the community.
    • Pursue grant opportunities
  • Marketing Committee Chair
    • Coordinate the production T-Shirt order with the cast and the vendor.
    • Creates and disseminates all notices and information for CTI.
    • Solicitates and create ads for all promotional outlets.
  • Website and Social Media Designee
    • Has overall responsibility for the website and social media and in coordination with the Executive Board.


  • In the role of maintaining records of revenues and expenses, the Treasurer is expected to keep the Board apprised of any concerns or problems regarding the financial condition of the Company or of a particular production.
  • The Treasurer may approve moving a production expense from one-line item to another line item as long it remains within the production budget, excluding honoraria, but may not create a new line item without Board approval.
  • After consultation with the director, and the VPP, the Treasurer may reallocate distribution of honoraria.
  • The Treasurer is expected to collect all reimbursable receipts by the end of the final performance and disburse all honoraria.
  • The Treasurer is expected to secure the performance rights for each production for the upcoming season with consultation with the VPP.
  • The Treasurer orders scripts.
  • Pays 10% of profits from each production to the Powerhouse Foundation and the agreed upon expenses incurred for the Dempsey-Parish Theatre Support Center.
  • Audit
    • A financial audit of the just-concluded season will be held in July or August of each year.
  • Receipts
    • All receipts must be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
    • Receipts must be annotated with the purchaser’s name, purpose and clearly indicate the amount. If other non-CTI expenses are on the receipt, they must be subtracted out and the net amount being claimed must be clear. In such a case, a pro-rated tax amount may also be claimed.
    • Receipts for show related expenses will be submitted to the Director or their designee.
    • In the case of a lost or non-existent receipt, a note indicating the item, purpose, purchaser, and cost must be signed as approved by the Director.
    • All receipts will be paid if the responsible area’s budget is not exceeded. If the amount puts the area over budget for the season, the Board of Directors must approve the increase to the budget prior to payment.
    • Board members and committee chairs are responsible for tracking the expenditures for their areas and staying within the season budget.
  • Emergency Expenditures
    • An emergency expenditure is defined to be a necessary, time-sensitive (within twenty-four hours or less) expense. If the Board of Directors is unavailable to meet or be polled, then the President or Treasurer, with one other Board Member, will join in discussion with the requester and may approve an expenditure of $300 or less, prior to the purchase.
  • Honoraria
    • CTI is a volunteer organization and, as such, does not have anyone on payroll.
    • The Treasurer will prepare Honoraria checks and deliver them to the Vice President of Production (VPP) for distribution at the closing performance.
    • All persons who will receive an Honoria check must provide a W-9 prior to the receipt of that check.
  • Gifts and Donations
    • The Finance Committee defines donor classes for cash donations. When such a donation is made, the Treasurer is notified.
    • When real object donation is made, the Treasurer and the Production Manager are notified. The donor must state the value of the donation.
    • For any donation, a thank-you letter to the donor will be sent and providing the CTI tax ID number and the monetary value of the donation.
  • Donation ethics
    • Under no circumstances will a donation be used to influence CTI policy or any decision affecting a CTI production. No individual may receive or accept a gift intended to buy favor.


  • Within two weeks after the Transitional Meeting, the Secretary will distribute the current season’s Company meeting schedule.
  • Distribute Company meeting minutes to the Board and membership within two weeks after the meeting and maintain one hard copy of all Company minutes to be filed at the Dempsey-Parish Theatre Support Center for a permanent record.
  • Maintain and update all CTI mailing and email addresses.
  • Review and revise the CTI directory. It is can be provided in printed form, upon request to membership.
  • Prepare the agenda in consultation with the President, solicit and distribute any documents pertinent to each Board and Membership meeting in a timely manner.
  • Prepare mailing labels, maintain a supply of stationery, note cards, envelopes and business cards, hold signed “Release Agreements” for each person of each production. Barring any legal requirement. The “agreements” may be destroyed at the end of three years.
  • Special Correspondence
    • In the event of death or the serious illness of a member, volunteer, or close family relation (parent, child, spouse, or in-law) the Secretary will acknowledge the situation, upon notification, with a card sent to the member, volunteer, or their family representing the support of our CTI family.
    • City Theatre of Independence will provide cards for standard milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, et cetera when made aware of such circumstances.


Orientation of new Board members will be scheduled collaborative with the outgoing member and the newly elected person. The VP of a committee will orient Committee Chairs.

A Strategic Planning retreat will be scheduled for all VP’s, Committee Chairs and Committee Members annually.


Documents are to be maintained and stored in the Dempsey-Parish Theatre Support Center at 203 N. Lynn, Independence, MO 64050 under the exclusive control of CTI.

Documents are to include:

  • 501 (c) (3) and Incorporation documents;
  • The Policies and Procedures;
  • Meeting Minutes;
  • Financial Records;
  • Handbooks

These documents are to be maintained in accordance with established legal requirements.


City Theatre is a 501c3 organization as designated by the IRS and as such contributions are tax-deductible to the extent and manner allowed by law.

Recording of productions or rehearsals using any form of technology now in use or with future innovations are not allowed. The only exception is if the granting licensing agent is in agreement and the proper protocols are met.

Photographs will be taken of each production for historical records and advertising.