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Into the Woods Returns to CTI

After the cancellation of the 2020-2021 season due to the pandemic, City Theatre of Independence is proud to bring Into the Woods back for its final production of the 2022-2023 season.

Into the Woods is a well loved musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine. The original Broadway production opened November 5th, 1987. The production starred the fabulous Bernadette Peters as the Witch. It has had three revivals and has been performed countless times in theatres all over the world.

The plot of Into the Woods weaves togethers well-known classic fairy tales. Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack (of Jack and the Beanstalk) all journey into the woods on their own adventures and ultimately are brought together through the quest of a childless Baker and his wife. The Baker and his wife are sent into the woods to retrieve ingredients for a potion that a witch has instructed them to find. In exchange for the ingredients, the witch promises that the couple will conceive a child. Each character leaves the woods having grown and changed.

City Theatre of Independence is pleased to welcome back Shari Wassergord as director of Into the Woods. Shari Wassergord was originally set to direct the production before it was canceled in 2020.

City Theatre of Independence’s production of INTO THE WOODS features the talents of:

  • Kristen Alley – the Witch
  • Ken Koval – the Baker
  • Katie Rezabek-Laird – the Baker’s Wife
  • Elizabeth Schoenborn – Cinderella
  • Sam Day – Jack
  • McKenzie Rice – Little Red Ridinghood
  • Norita Taylor – Jack’s Mother
  • Hailey Sage – Rapunzel/Cinderella understudy
  • Zack Isbell – the Wolf, Cinderella’s Father
  • Matthew Emerick – Cinderella’s Prince
  • Andrew Braams – Rapunzel’s Prince
  • Sharon Johnson – the Giant/Cinderella’s Mother/Granny
  • Jesse Hamm – the Narrator/Mysterious Man
  • Brandis Outlaw – Stepmother
  • Maddy Philipp – Florinda
  • Sophie Gliser – Lucinda
  • Josh Keen – Steward
  • Emmie Esch – Snow White/women’s ensemble and Little Red understudy
  • Kileigh Mannering – Sleeping Beauty/Assistant Stage Manager


Into the Woods runs June 2nd through June 11th at the Roger T. Sermon Center. Tickets can be purchased in advance at:


City Theatre of Independence Opening 2022-2023 Season with Urinetown – The Musical

City Theatre of Independence is opening the 2022-2023 season with the musical comedy, Urinetown. Urinetown is a satirical comedy about politicism, capitalism, populism and corporate mismanagement. The musical premiered in 2001 with music by Mark Hollman and book by Greg Kotis.

The story takes place in a dystopian society that is suffering from a water shortage. Due to this shortage, private amenities are outlawed and every citizen must pay a fee to use public toilets. The public toilets are owned by the corrupt megacorporation “Urine Good Company” or “UGC.” Hero of the story, Bobby Strong, recognizes the injustices perpetuated by this cooperation and leads the “pee-for-free” rebellion.

Auditions for Urinetown are June 27th, 28th, and 29th at the Roger T. Sermon Center with callbacks by invitation on July 2nd.
Additional audition information can be found here- https://sites.google.com/view/cti-urinetownauditions#h.ykxyienqhur6


Male Roles

  • Officer Lockstock – The principal narrator, a policeman in charge of finding guilty pee-ers
  • Bobby Strong – The dashing young “every man” who works for Miss Pennywise as the Assistant Custodian at the poorest urinal in town. Also the male romantic lead who falls in love with Hope Cladwell and starts the revolution
  • Dr. Billeaux – A scientist for Urine Good Company
  • Senator Fipp – A corrupt politician in Cladwell’s pocket. He is harboring a surprising secret
  • Mr. McQueen – Cladwell’s assistant. A man who will do anything to save himself
  • Officer Barrel – Lockstock’s partener. He harbors a surprising secret
  • Joseph “old Man” Strong – Bobby Stong’s father. His rebellious actions get him sent to “Urinetown”
  • Tiny Tom – A confused “man-boy”
  • Caldwell B. Cladwell – The villain of the story and the owner of Urine Good Company. A moneygrabber who exploits the poor
  • Hot Blades Harry – A dangerous and unpredictable rebel
  • Robby the Stockfish – A poor rebel
  • Billy Boy Bill – A poor rebel


Female Roles

  • Penelope Pennywise – The tough, jaded warden of the poorest urinal in town. She harbors a surprising secret
  • Little Sally – A precocious street urchin and co-narrator of the story
  • Hope Cladwell – Caldwell B. Cladwell’s daughter who has just been hired at Urine Good Company. The female romantic lead
  • Soupy Sue – An affectionate member of the gang
  • Little Becky Two-shoes – A pregnant woman
  • Josephine “ma” Strong – Bobby Strong’s mother
  • Mrs. Millennium – An office worker who inspires to be Caldwell B. Cladwell’s head secretary